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(Picual, Hojiblanca, Frantoio and Arbequina)


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PRIMUM is a Premium Extra Virgin olive oil made with a selection of olives collected by hand during the first days of harvesting of the campaign. Its milling takes place in the oil mill, before the first 24 hours have elapsed from its collection, cold and with natural decantation.

The annual production of PRIMUM Extra Virgin Olive Oil is limited and the product is presented in an exclusive glass bottle in an elegant wooden box. Which makes it one of the best gifts of gourmet products for the most exquisite palates.

Collection Case

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The La Chinata Collection Case presents three 500 ml bottles of very special La Chinata EVOO, wrapped in an elegant cardboard box.

On the one hand, it has a bottle of EVOO in Rama La Chinata, which is an unfiltered Extra Virgin. It also offers an Organic EVOO made from olives with an organic production certificate. And finally, a selection EVOO, made from EVOOs organoleptically selected by us. That is, analyzing and choosing the olives according to their taste, texture, smell, color and temperature. All of them are monovarietals of Manzanilla Cacereña and come from the First Cold Extraction.

Thanks to its elegant presentation in a box, it is perfect as a gift or for those who enjoy the most exquisite flavors.

Tasting Box

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The La Chinata Tasting Box is presented in an elegant case and contains four varieties of EVOO. It is the Hojiblanca, Arbequina, Picual and Manzanilla Cacereña variety, the latter being the most characteristic and identifying variety of La Chinata.

This box has been created for all those who want to enjoy different aromas and essences and are looking for a unique flavor in their dishes. In addition, each of these varieties is recommended for a different type of dish.