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Blue Salt of Persia

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The Blue Salt of Persia comes from the mountains of Iran, formerly washed by the sea. It is about fascinating bluish rock crystals formed by the natural fossilization produced by the conditions of the place and that has been formed during 260 million years, which is a very exclusive salt with a high culinary value.

Its flavor is very mild and its texture is thick and crunchy and it is recommended for beef or shrimp carpaccio, for white fish, for sauces, and even to decorate the edges of cocktails.

Black Salt Flower

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La Chinata Black Salt Flower is made with a mixture of fine salt flower crystals with squid ink. The result is a crisp and salty bite of blackish crystals, with a hint of sweet flavor coming from the ink.

The Black Salt Flower has a multitude of culinary uses. It is ideal for white fish in all its forms, mollusks, rice, pasta, sauces, breads, seafood and of course, for decorating dishes. Among other recipes we can highlight the black rice paella with ali oli, the black hamburger bun, the peppers stuffed with cod in sauce, the cuttlefish risotto with squid and prawns ... Without a doubt, it will give it a unique flavor and presentation.

Sales of the World Case

Price €7.80
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La Chinata presents a case with five gourmet salts ideal to enhance the flavor of each dish, from the most traditional to the most avant-garde.

With this case, you can taste a wide variety of salts and always have them available to use depending on the dish to be prepared.

They are presented in comfortable tubes to facilitate their use and in the pack we can find from the Flower of Salt and the Flower of Black Salt, to the Pink Salt of the Himalayas, the Blue Salt of Persia and the Red Salt of Hawaii.

Salt Flakes with Truffle
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La Chinata Salt Flakes with Truffle comes from the Mediterranean and is a healthier alternative to refined salt.

It is a gourmet product with a crunchy texture and a milder flavor than conventional salt and has a delicate truffle aroma, ideal for preparing a multitude of exquisite dishes.

It is a product widely used in haute cuisine thanks to its crunchy texture and its hint of truffle, which gives each preparation a more intense and sophisticated flavor.

Salt Flakes with Saffron
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Salt Flakes with Saffron comes from the Mediterranean and is a healthier alternative to refined salt.

It is a gourmet salt with a crunchy texture and a mild but very particular flavor, thanks to the aroma of saffron.