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Wooden Case 4 Condiments

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The four seasonings wooden case offers four Seasoned EVOOs to enrich our dishes according to the ingredients we use.

On the one hand, the EVOO condiments with Garlic and Chilli pepper are ideal for seafood or even for breakfast toasts or stews to which we want to give a spicy touch. It also has an EVOO seasoning with Oregano, perfect for pastas and meats. In the same way, the EVOO condiments with Rosemary and Peppers, go very well with rice, fish, meat or sauces. And finally the Chilli, Laurel and Pepper Condiment, perfect for meats, stews, salads and seafood.

Collection Case

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The La Chinata Collection Case presents three 500 ml bottles of very special La Chinata EVOO, wrapped in an elegant cardboard box.

On the one hand, it has a bottle of EVOO in Rama La Chinata, which is an unfiltered Extra Virgin. It also offers an Organic EVOO made from olives with an organic production certificate. And finally, a selection EVOO, made from EVOOs organoleptically selected by us. That is, analyzing and choosing the olives according to their taste, texture, smell, color and temperature. All of them are monovarietals of Manzanilla Cacereña and come from the First Cold Extraction.

Thanks to its elegant presentation in a box, it is perfect as a gift or for those who enjoy the most exquisite flavors.

Case 4 Condiments

Price €11.40
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La Chinata presents its new case with 4 Extra Virgin Olive Oil condiments. Without losing tradition, it has selected the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil and has combined it with natural spices that are very popular in Mediterranean cuisine. With a careful maceration process lasting one month, an irresistible and unique artisan oil has been obtained, perfect for seasoning a multitude of varieties of dishes thanks to its versatility.

The case has four exclusive and surprising flavors. It also has a convenient 100 ml container ideal for gifts and transport and with which we will always have a special extra virgin olive oil for every occasion.

Case 3 Condiments

Price €19.50
Availability: 4 In Stock

The 3 Condiments Case is a selection of the best EVOO seasoned with different products to enhance the flavor of our dishes. It is presented in an elegant and original wooden box and in it you will find an EVOO flavored with garlic, chilli and lemon.

On the one hand, the Garlic Seasoning offers an intense flavor and a great aroma, indicated for recipes of pastas, meats, fish, seafood, salads, gazpachos and salmorejo.

For its part, the Chilli Condiment, perfect for those who like intense and spicy flavors. It adds a great taste to pasta dishes, salads, eels, prawns, fresh cheeses.

Finally, the Lemon Seasoning that provides a fresh citrus aroma ideal to give a touch of acidity to any recipe.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Caviar

Price €8.90
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Spherifications of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

At La Chinata we have reinvented the jewel of the Mediterranean Diet, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with these EVOO spherifications presented in raw pearls shaped like caviar. It is a unique gourmet product that explodes in the mouth, creating a gastronomic experience on the palate, since this explosion allows us to appreciate all its character before mixing with the rest of the ingredients.

We offer them in shiny golden pearls wrapped in a thin and imperceptible film of EVOO, making them ideal for cold dishes such as salads, vinaigrettes, salmorejo, cold soups or gazpachos, and highly recommended also as a companion to fish and meat, to those that will provide not only the flavor of a high quality EVOO but also a very original presentation.