On the one hand, it has a Pheasant Pate with La Chinata Truffles, one of the game birds most valued by prestigious chefs thanks to its texture and flavor. In addition, it is complemented with another of the star ingredients of gourmet kitchens, the truffle, so it generates a delicious result in the mouth.

It also has an Iberian Pate with Cherries, with an intense and slightly sweet flavor, thanks to the touch provided by the cherries, selected one by one in the Jerte Valley to guarantee their freshness and quality.

And finally, the Pedro Ximénez Venison Paté, a delicious and healthy spread that combines the exquisite flavor of deer meat, a classic in the gourmet world, plus the qualities that Pedro Ximénez provides, a delicacy with a velvety flavor. and creamy widely used in Mediterranean cuisine.

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